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Industrial Custom Covers / Curtain and Track Systems

Industrial Custom Covers

Have you ever wondered where those nice vinyl enclosures came from? T.R.S. Industries is where they are from! T.R.S. Industries can build almost anything out of vinyl. T.R.S Industries has one of the best custom fabricators out there. With over 35 years of experience, Richard Migler has worked with a variety of items. Give us a call with any ideas of something you need covered.

Industrial Curtain and Track Systems

Custom built curtains out of our 18 oz. Heavy Duty truck tarp vinyl, made to best fit your applications!

Track System for many different styles:

  • Ceiling Mount Systems
  • Wall Mount Systems
  • Threaded Rod Systems
  • Beam Flange Systems
  • Floor Column (Free Standing) Systems
  • Beam or Chain Support Mount Systems

Here’s a PDF file that shows the different track options, as well as images of the hardware we’ll be using for each design:

Track Options & Hardware

ROLL TRAC® is ideal for:

  • Power wash stations
  • Protection against airborne particles or environmental hazard
  • Helping to eliminate heat or cooling losses
  • Restricting visibility for privacy
  • Energy and fuel conservation
  • Safety precautions

Manage the work environment by creating specific areas or zones by means of curtains that simply roll back when not in use. There are a wide variety of curtain sizes, materials and hardware components to choose from to form booths and cubicles of any height or configuration. And they can be installed easily by your own maintenance personnel without special tools or skills.

Mauritzon ROLL TRAC® is designed for industrial, commercial and institutional use. It is functional yet attractive, durable and strong, with all components protected against rust and corrosion to ensure long life and smooth, effortless rolling, time after time.

Before ordering your Roll Track System, determine the precise area to be enclosed, the number of sides and dividing panels needed and the height of the curtain or curtains required. You will want to consider the possibility of rounded corners which may be traversed by the curtain, or curtain-stopping right angles. Check the 6 suspension techniques that follow and determine which best suits your requirements. Then order the appropriate hardware parts.