TRS Industries

Our Team at T.R.S. Industries in Fargo

Meet the team at T.R.S. Industries, who delivers personal service and attention to every client. Our commitment to producing quality tarps and covers, along with outstanding customer service, makes us second to none. We have been manufacturing America’s BEST Tarps in Fargo since 1983. Meet our team below and call us for all your tarp needs!

Rich Cossette

Rich Cossette – Retired

Rich had been with T.R.S. Industries since it was established in 1983 until eventually transitioning into retirement in December of 2023. Rich can be found cruising around in classic cars and on the lake most likely out-fishing you any day!


Joy Cossette – Retired

Joy had been with T.R.S. Industries since it was established in 1983, and after 40 years of blood sweat and tears transitioned into retirement in December of 2023. Joy prides herself in making the best gluten-free cookies in the whole company! 

Disclaimer: Do not ask her for her secret recipe. Trust me we have already tried!


Shane Cossette – C.O.O.

Shane started working at T.R.S. Industries in 1985. He’s worked in every area of production and has been Chief Operating Officer since 2010.  Shane is an avid sports fan (probably an unhealthy obsession of the Minnesota Vikings; check out his office) and enjoys spending time with his family.


Bob Cossette – Purchasing/Inventory Manager

Bob started working at T.R.S. Industries in June of 1992. He’s worked in many different departments in the company and is now the head of purchasing and inventory.  When he is not making sure our company has what it needs, Bob loves hanging out with his kids, long walks down short docks and attending local (and not so local) car shows.


Stacy Davis – Accountant/ Payroll

Stacy has been with T.R.S. since August of 2015. She assists Joy with the accounting department.  Stacy enjoys spending her weekends off at the lake with her family but eches out extra time for her wanderlust and loving her kitties.


Brandon Cossette – C.M.O. / Custom Sales Specialist

Brandon started working at T.R.S. in June of 2007. He’s worked in every area of manufacturing and is now the Custom Sales Specialist. Brandon also handles sales and scheduling for our Fitted Covers Department.  Brandon has also earned the title of Comeback and Prank Specialist here at TRS and just like the rest of us, Brandon hopes to watch the Minnesota Vikings win at least one Super Bowl before he dies.


Audrey Lura – Hopper Tarp Sales / Canopy Sales

Audrey started working at T.R.S. in 2007. She had spent many years as our receptionist, and is now in charge of Hopper Tarp Sales and Boat Lift Canopy Sales.   Audrey is our scripturient mocha coffee lover on the clock and a part-time woodland elf exploring any long lost trail off the clock.


David Vaughn –Service Manager & Tech Support

David has worked for T.R.S. since 2008 primarily in the Installation shop. He manages the crew and workload of our installation shop, as well as assists with tech support calls for different trailer systems. Dave prides himself on being the best unprofessional professional around. Hunting, fishing and loving everyday!


Scot Heinze – Parts Manager and Shipping

Scot started working at T.R.S. in June of 2011. He manages all parts for our roll tarp systems and motors, as well as the entire shipping department.  Scot is our resident zythophile, is a huge Minnesota sports fanatic and rock music aficionado.


Aaron Christiansen- Production Manager / Flatbed Tarp Specialist

Aaron started working at T.R.S. in December of 1997. He has worked in every area of production. Aaron has extensive knowledge and experience in tarps for all flatbed trailer applications.  Being the sports fan he is, Aaron never misses a Patriots game or any of his kids activities.


Steph Hohertz – Fitted Cover Specialist/Upholstery Specialist

Steph started working at T.R.S. in May of 2002. She has worked in every area of manufacturing and is now the primary sewer of our beautiful boat and pontoon covers. Steph also works with recovering upholstery projects in our winter months.  When Steph is not being our resident boat cover artist, she is hunting down antiques, getting lost in the middle of nowhere or spending time with her little fur babies.


Shari Neimann – Fitted Cover Specialist/Winterfront Specialist

Shari started working at T.R.S. in November of 2012. She has worked in our Fitted Covers Department hand crafting fitted covers for anything from boats to farm equipment. Shari also builds all our personalized winterfront and bug screen projects and inquires.  Besides spending time with her 2 daughters and being TRS’ “ray of sunshine”, you can find Shari connecting with nature and digging in the dirt.