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Now having a custom grill cover made is even easier! Here’s an easy guide to the measurements we need to get a personal grill cover made for your grill!

Here’s a flyer that shows some of the custom tarps which we specialize in:

PatioMate Replacement Screen Enclosure Tarps

So your screen enclosure tarp on your patio or camper has worn out, tears or is on it’s last leg, what’s the next step? Give us a call! We build replacement tarps for PatioMate brand and store bought screen enclosures that are better and easier to install than the originals. Our 18oz heavy duty vinyl stands up to the elements wonderfully, and our hook and bungee system for the front is easier to install and more secure. We also sew on twice as many Velcro straps down the center than the originals! Check out the pictures below of what our replacement PatioMate tarps look like before and after the installation!

Here’s a list of patterns that we already have, take a look and see which size you may have:

7’8″ X 15’5″  –  8 Panels 45″   

7’8″ X 19’3″  –  9 Panels 45″  

11’6″ X 15’5″  –  10 Panels 45″   

11’6″ X 19’3″  –  11 Panels 45″     (Most Common)

11’6″ X 23’2″ –  12 Panels 45″

8’6″ X 17′ –        8 Panels 50″ 

8’6″ X 25’6″  –  10 Panels 50″

8’6″ X 34’1″ –    12 Panels 50″ 

Adding additional screens to your existing structure? We can add on to old tops too! Give us a call today for current pricing!