TRS Industries

Our Fabrics


Our most common and highly used material that we use is our Heavy Duty Vinyl. We offer a variety of colors, weights, and styles of vinyl so we have something for every job. From our 10oz vinyl to our 22oz, our experts will determine the best material to use for your application. Below are a variety of colors that we have on our shelves, or can order in for you! Our vinyl is used on jobs such as Truck Tarps, Boat Covers, Boat Lift Canopies, Machine Covers, Trailer Covers, Winter Fronts, Industrial Curtains, Grill Covers, Hopper Tarps, the list could go on! Call us today and see what vinyl would work best for your job!

Weather Max

Looking for a durable indoor or outdoor cover, but don’t want the weight of a vinyl cover? WeatherMAX might be the fabric for you! Super high strength and durability combined with long-term color retention to deliver a truly versatile outdoor fabric for a variety of applications. The industry’s most balanced and cost-effective fabric available for marine covers and tops, awnings, or other outdoor applications requiring outstanding durability, higher water repellence and excellent breathability.

Sea Mark

Sea Mark™, an excellent boat lift canopy cover material, is a combination of woven acrylic fabric on the top side, and marine grade vinyl on the backside. This design offers the look and feel of fabric and the durability of vinyl.

Need a tarp that will let some air through? We stock different weight and colors of our Vinyl Coated Mesh. Perfect for Bee Nets, Garage Door Screens, Pond Covers, Pool Covers, Certain Truck Tarps or mesh application! Stop on in and see a sample of our mesh for yourself!