TRS Industries

Supreme Roll Tarps

We’re proud to produce one of the longest lasting replacement roll tarps on the market. Our Supreme Roll Tarps are made out of 18 oz. Nylon instead of the Polyester that you’ll find on other roll tarps. The Nylon has a better stretch in the colder months of the year, which increases the life of the material. We average between 3-5 years on our Supreme Roll Tarps, and have heard of our tarps lasting as long as 8 years on a regularly used trailer. Our Supreme Roll Tarps also come standard with half webbing on both ends, so you don’t have to pay extra for the extra support.

Our Supreme Roll Tarps have arched end caps, steel arched bows, and the strongest latch plate available. The standard crank and u-joint assembly rolls under the latch plate to secure the tarp and is completely adjustable for tarp tension.The Supreme EZ Off system allows you to take the entire tarp system off fast and easy with EZ Off tarp stops.

Need to order a new replacement tarp but aren’t quite sure what information to give? Check out our Order Checklist below so you can get it all done in one easy phone call!